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Welcome to the FFADO Documentation Wiki

This site is intended to assist the development of FFADO. The TRAC backend we use for this site has 3 main functions:

  • Wiki -- Helps to organize the information we have
  • Tickets -- Bug reporting and tracking, feature requests
  • Source Browsing -- Gives a web interface to the subversion source repository.

We can work on documentation content on this wiki, and then propagate it to the 'main' page at in a more user friendly manner.

Note that on any wiki page, bug report, ... you can reference to a certain source revision or commit.

General User documentation

Distribution-specific documentation

Developer documentation

  • IEEE1394 -- Information on IEEE1394 bus programming
  • HardwareDetails -- Information and details on devices not yet officially supported
  • digi003rack -- Development of a driver/configuration for Digidesign 003 Rack
  • projectmix -- Development of a driver for the M-Audio Project-Mix I/O
  • MaudioBeBoB -- development for M-Audio's sound card based on BeBoB (mostly done at r2448)
  • YamahaGo44 -- development for Yamaha Go44 mixer GUI (done at r2441)
  • YamahaGo46 -- development for Yamaha Go46 mixer GUI (done at r2441)
  • Fireworks -- implementation of Echo Fireworks board module
  • fireworks_ticket360 -- A description about ticket 360
  • DiceTC -- Dice based devices which TC electronic produces
  • SaffirePro40New -- development documentation about the new version of the Focusrite Saffire Pro40 (designated the Pro40-1) which was released in 2015.

Packager/distributor documentation

Developer Pages

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