FFADO development

The FFADO development wiki was orginally found at this address. The platform it ran on was getting on in years, and a hosted server upgrade in April 2024 introduced a number of incompatibilities which may not be easily addressed.

Investigations continue, but it may be time to retire the old development wiki. If it's decided that repair is not feasible, further discussion will be undertaken about whether a replacement is worthwhile. With FFADO now in maintenance mode (there having been no new firewire devices produced for close on a decade), it may be decided that there's no ongoing need for the wiki. It it is also acknowledged that while the wiki included some useful historical information about setup and configuration, much of that was only tangentially relevant to modern systems as of 2024. Rather than spending time trying to keep the old system running, it may be better to extract what information remains relevant and make that available through the main website.

If anyone has thoughts about these issues, please get in touch via our mailing lists. Details can be found on the FFADO project website.

Last updated on 30 June 2024 by the FFADO project.