Revision 142, 0.6 kB (checked in by wagi, 18 years ago)

2006-01-04 Daniel Wagner <>

  • tests/test-extplugcmd.cpp: Changed test application
    to use PlugType? and PlugName? command for testing.
  • src/libfreebobavc/avc_extended_plug_info.cpp (serialize):
    The string.length() thing did not work as expected. A workaround
    added which converts the C++ string into a C string before strlen
    is used.
  • Property svn:eol-style set to native
  • Property svn:keywords set to Author Date Id Revision
1 - xml output is a bit wierd -> generate a more generic output
2 - correct string encoding
3 - position information of channel in stream: bebob indexes from 1
4   but iec61883 expects it from 0. see todo in avdevice.cpp
5 - check all std::cout and std:cerr if they couldn't be replaced with
6   the DebugModule's methods. The idea is to have a more consistant
7   code.
8 - All libfreebobavc interfaces should use references instead of pointers
9   like in  ExtendedPlugInfoCmd( Ieee1394Service* ieee1394service, ... )
10   ->  ExtendedPlugInfoCmd( Ieee1394Service& ieee1394service,
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