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1 # The "editinfo" file is used to allow verification of logging
2 # information.  It works best when a template (as specified in the
3 # rcsinfo file) is provided for the logging procedure.  Given a
4 # template with locations for, a bug-id number, a list of people who
5 # reviewed the code before it can be checked in, and an external
6 # process to catalog the differences that were code reviewed, the
7 # following test can be applied to the code:
8 #
9 #   Making sure that the entered bug-id number is correct.
10 #   Validating that the code that was reviewed is indeed the code being
11 #       checked in (using the bug-id number or a seperate review
12 #       number to identify this particular code set.).
13 #
14 # If any of the above test failed, then the commit would be aborted.
15 #
16 # Actions such as mailing a copy of the report to each reviewer are
17 # better handled by an entry in the loginfo file.
18 #
19 # One thing that should be noted is the the ALL keyword is not
20 # supported.  There can be only one entry that matches a given
21 # repository.
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