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Simplify and optimize

Executing ffado-diag after preprocessing ensures that the shebang python
version is used without keeping SConscript in sync with

Merging all *.py modules into a single script will help any contributor
figuring the big picture, and spares the sys.path trick.

The rewrite is more resilient to missing dependencies, and hopefully more

Patch contributed by Nicolas Boulenguez with minor adjustments by Jonathan
Woithe. It has been tested under python3 and python2.

1 .TH FFADO\-DIAG 1 27\-Mar\-2012 "ffado\-diag"
3 ffado\-diag \- print system diagnostic information related to FFADO.
4 \"
6 .BR ffado\-diag [\| \-\-static \||\| \-V \||\| \-\-version \||\| \-\-usage \|]
7 \"
9 .B ffado\-diag
10 prints out an extensive collection of diagnostic information about the
11 computer it is run on.  Information included is the FFADO version number,
12 the version number of libraries which FFADO depends on, the firewire
13 interface card, interrupt usage, and so on.  This is useful for developers
14 to know when giving support via the FFADO mailing lists.  For anything other
15 than trivial issues, the output of
16 .B ffado\-diag
17 will be one of the first things asked fro when debugging a problem.
18 \"
20 .BR \-V ", " \-\-version
21 Display version information.
22 .B \-\-usage
23 Print a short usage message and exit.
24 .B \-\-static
25 Only display executable paths and libraries.
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