Revision 2806, 0.6 kB (checked in by jwoithe, 2 years ago)

Provide Dutch translations in the ffado-mixer desktop file.

Thanks to Pander via the ffado-devel mailing list for the patch.

1 [Desktop Entry]
2 Name=FFADO Mixer
3 Name[ru]=Микшер FFADO
4 Name[fr]=Mixeur FFADO
5 Name[nl]=FFADO mixer
6 Comment=Audio mixer for FireWire devices
7 Comment[ru]=Микшер для звуковых устройств с интерфейсом FireWire
8 Comment[fr]=Mixeur audio pour les interfaces FireWire
9 Comment[nl]=Geluidsmixer voor apparaten met FireWire
10 Exec=ffado-mixer
11 GenericName=FireWire audio mixer
12 GenericName[ru]=Звуковой микшер FireWire
13 GenericName[fr]=Mixeur audio FireWire
14 GenericName[nl]=FireWire geluidsmixer
15 Icon=hi64-apps-ffado
16 Type=Application
17 Categories=Mixer;Audio;AudioVideo;HardwareSettings;Qt;
18 Keywords=FireWire;Sound Interface;
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