Name Size Rev Age Last Change
admin 640 14 years arnonym: Make the a real scons-tool.
doc 605 14 years arnonym: Docs are back!
external 595 14 years arnonym: ignore me
libffado 597 14 years arnonym: Finally ditch auto*-support. And bump the version in SConstruct as it was …
src 716 13 years wagi: cache bebob avc model. lot's of small bug fixed. it should work now.
support 689 13 years ppalmers: more echo firmware work
tests 668 13 years ppalmers: fix small bug in ECHO mixer commands
AUTHORS 172 bytes 611 14 years arnonym: Add myself to the authors. I haven't written any real code until now, but …
ChangeLog 23.7 kB 445 14 years pieterpalmers: * name change from FreeBoB to FFADO * replaced tabs by 4 spaces * got rid … 0.8 kB 609 14 years arnonym: Simplify some things. CACHEDIR is now hardcoded in config.h to be … 176 bytes 616 14 years arnonym: Fix the pkg-config-file. Thanks to wagi for seeing this…
NEWS 169 bytes 336 14 years pieterpalmers: - Merged the developments on trunk since branch-off: branch occurred at …
README 6.8 kB 610 14 years arnonym: Update the version requirements listed in the readme to match the version …
SConstruct 7.7 kB 688 13 years ppalmers: - Remove bebob sync tool, since this is now generalized into the …
TODO 359 bytes 375 14 years wagi: AVCCommand: All AVC commants take a reference instead a pointer to 1394 …
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