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    1 FFADO version 1.999.7 
    2 ===================== 
    4 This project aims to provide a free driver implemenation for the BeBoB 
    5 platform.  The BeBoB is used in many available IEEE 1394 based break-out  
    6 boxes. 
     1FFADO v2.x 
     4The FFADO project aims to provide a free driver implemenation for FireWire  
     5(IEEE1394, iLink) based (semi-) professional audio interfaces. The focus of 
     6the project are on audio/music production rather than consumer audio. This 
     7means that, although we intend to supported all features at some point,  
     8consumer features are considered less important. The most obvious example of 
     9a consumer feature is AC3/DTS passthrough support, which is unsupported at  
     10the moment. 
     12This package provides the libffado shared library that provides a unified 
     13programming interface to configure and use all supported devices. Currently 
     14this library is used by the 'firewire' backends of the jack audio connection 
     15kit sound server ( This backend provides audio and midi support, 
     16and is available both in jackd and it's multiprocessor variant jackdmp. 
     17(note: At the moment there is no support for ALSA nor for pulseaudio.) 
     19Access to the device internal configuration (e,g, internal mixer) is exposed 
     20using the ffado-dbus-server daemon. This daemon exposes the configurable  
     21parameters of all detected devices through DBUS. The ffadomixer application in 
     22support/mixer presents a GUI to control these parameters (only for officially 
     23supported devices). 
     27* 24-bit audio input/output (unlimited number of channels) 
     28* supports for all samplerates a device supports 
     29* MIDI input/output (unlimited number of channels) 
     30* Support for S/PDIF and ADAT/SMUX I/O 
     31* Internal mixer and device control support for all officially supported devices 
     32  (NOTE: no support for internal DSP) 
     33* Support for device aggregation (limited to devices on the same bus) 
     35Device Support 
     38The devices officially supported are: 
     39* ESI Quatafire 610 
     40* Terratec Producer Phase 88 
     41* Focusrite Saffire (original/white) 
     42* Focusrite Saffire PRO10 
     43* Focusrite Saffire PRO26 
     44* ECHO AudioFire2 
     45* Mackie Onyx Mixer FireWire expansion 
     47The 'officially supported' label is only given to devices that fullfil the following: 
     48* at least one of the developers has the device 
     49* the vendor provides development support (access to information) 
     50* the device works 
     52Through reverse-engineering the following devices will also work: 
     53* MotU traveller 
     54* MotU 828mkII 
     55Note: the support for these devices is based on a significant reverse engineering effort. 
     56This means that the developers had no support of the device vendor, and this of course 
     57limits the extent as to which problems can be solved. You have been warned. Please do not 
     58buy devices for which support is based upon reverse engineering, nor from vendors that are 
     59Linux-hostile (e.g. MotU). Value the support that some vendors provide and buy their stuff. 
     60Check for details. It can't be said enough: currently it is a stupid move to buy 
     61a MotU device if you intend to use Linux. 
     63The driver is written to provide generic support for all devices it might be 
     64able to handle. This means that most devices based on the BridgeCo BeBoB or the 
     65ECHO FireWorks platform will work, at least to a certain extent. 
     67Devices that have been reported to (partially) work with the generic support: 
     68* Presonus FireBox 
     69* Presonus FirePod / FP10 
     70* Focusrite Saffire LE 
     71* ECHO AudioFire8 
     72* ECHO AudioFire12 
     74Usupported devices: 
     75* Presonus FireStation 
     76* Presonus FireStudio (all variants) 
     77* TC Konnekt (all variants) 
     78* Alesis devices 
     79* Metric Halo devices 
     80* RME Firewire devices 
     82We constantly try to persuade vendors to help us extend our device support. 
    111187You may need to manually set the channel on the transmitting node. 
     189(Note: you can safely ignore the libiec61883 warnings, they are normal.) 
    113191In case of problems 
    202280best way to help us figure out what the problem might be is to build the  
    203281debug version (scons ENABLE_DEBUG=1). You can then rerun the test 
    204 application and send us its output. 
     282application (with -v5) and send us its output.