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Milestone: FFADO 2.0 (175 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
52update ffado external C interfaceclosedppalmerstaskblocker--
63quatafire mixerclosedppalmersenhancementblocker--
77Usage statisticsclosedfeatureblocker--
127ffado cannot create receive processor white Saffireclosedppalmersbugblocker--
131Terratec Phase88FW, OpenSuSE10.3 X86_64, ffado_streaming_prepare: Could not prepare the streaming systemclosedbugblocker--
163input in flex scanner failedclosedbugblocker--
187could not start jack with saffire pro on 64bitclosedbugblocker--
65ffado: Using cached data does not work correctclosedwagibugcritical--
67Change the default install-location to /usr for the releaseclosedtaskcritical--
96Switch the mixer to Qt4closedarnonymtaskcritical--
119ffado-cache: [PATCH] Incomplete Deserializing and Serializing Sequence leads to Seqfault!closedppalmersbugcritical--
129[PATCH] Regression: branches/libffado-2.0 changeset 1239: generic subunit part brokenclosedbugcritical--
154dbus problem in compilationclosedbugcritical--
208Saffire LE started and stopped by Jack after just a couple of secondsclosedbugcritical--
223Jack crashes with firewire ERR: wait status < 0! (= -1)closedppalmersbugcritical--
1propagate freebob jack backend updates to the ffado backendclosedppalmerstaskmajor--
4add DLL based syncclosedenhancementmajor--
5offset present in multi-stream setupsclosedbugmajor--
6midi doesn't work on Presonus Firepodclosedbugmajor--
7midi doesn't work on Focusrite Saffire LEclosedbugmajor--
8persistent storage of devicesclosedwagienhancementmajor--
14Build Error: "undefined reference to `raw1394_read_cycle_timer'"closedbugmajor--
16The mixer on the Presonus Firepod doesn't workclosedbugmajor--
17The mixer on the Presonus Firepod doesn't workclosedbugmajor--
20Clean up sample rate settingclosedtaskmajor--
21implement terratec specific av/c commandsclosedtaskmajor--
22implement focusrite specific avc commandsclosedtaskmajor--
23implement external mixer apiclosedtaskmajor--
26SPDIF-out doesn't work on Presonus Firepodclosedppalmersbugmajor--
30scons build fails due to "Path for option SHAREDIR does not exist"closedarnonymbugmajor--
31config.h generation not correctclosedarnonymbugmajor--
32high latency on Focusrite Saffire LEclosedppalmersbugmajor--
33Implement Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 mixerclosedppalmersfeaturemajor--
40ENABLE_BEBOB=no brokenclosedarnonymbugmajor--
42no outputs in jack for saffire pro26ioclosedppalmersbugmajor--
44saffire (pro) startup unreliableclosedppalmersbugmajor--
45implement libcontrol clock source apiclosedfeaturemajor--
47fix port name issues in jackclosedppalmerstaskmajor--
49Cannot start ffado with Focusrite Saffire since r712closedwagibugmajor--
53cache doesn't save (all) connectionsclosedwagibugmajor--
54device loaded from cache doesn't have all portsclosedwagibugmajor--
57saffirepro not starting in jackclosedppalmersbugmajor--
58Terratec phase X24 : no mixer availableclosedbugmajor--
59Terratec phase X24 : no mixer availableclosedbugmajor--
60[PATCH] SConstruct (CheckForApp) fix return valueclosedarnonymbugmajor--
61[PATCH] fixesclosedppalmersbugmajor--
62scons: CheckForApp() always trueclosedbugmajor--
64[PATCH] Add cache option also to ffado-dbus-serverclosedbugmajor--
68DESTDIR support for packagersclosedarnonymbugmajor--
69The configuration-part of scons should also check for a c++-compilerclosedarnonymbugmajor--
71Edirol FA-101 now works, but very frequent XRUNsclosedppalmersbugmajor--
76ffadomixer brokenclosedppalmersbugmajor--
90state switch fails on xrunclosedppalmersbugmajor--
92firepod + ffado = no midi portsclosedbugmajor--
93Make the dbus server more robustclosedbugmajor--
94selecting the clock source failsclosedbugmajor--
99Data structure not properly initialized in PosixMutexclosedppalmersbugmajor--
100Member variables in DeviceManager may be used prior to initializationclosedppalmersbugmajor--
102ffado-dbus-server doesn't like bus resetsclosedbugmajor--
108discoverPlugType Error with Edirol FA-101closedwagibugmajor--
109FA-101 problemsclosedwagibugmajor--
110layout of the saffire pro's mixer is messed upclosedarnonymbugmajor--
111segfault when cache is used in ffado-dbus-server (sync plug related)closedbugmajor--
112ffado-dbus-server won't start properly when ENABLE_OPTIMIZATIONS=yesclosedbugmajor--
114non-debug builds don't work properlyclosedppalmersbugmajor--
117Warning (PosixMutex.cpp)[ 123] Lock: (0x8051858) lock collisionclosedbugmajor--
118ffadomixer: Startup of the ffado-dbus-server takes longer than 20 secondsclosedbugmajor--
120Improve ffadomixer startup gui-wiseclosedarnonymenhancementmajor--
124Saffire mixer brokenclosedbugmajor--
132ffadomixer doesn't work with python 2.4closedbugmajor--
133test-ffado Discover crashclosedppalmersbugmajor--
136Echo AudioFire4 and Phantom +48V mixer settingclosedppalmersbugmajor--
139ffado does not recover cleanly from jack xrunclosedppalmersbugmajor--
141fix saffire (white) mixerclosedbugmajor--
142implement Audiofire 4/8/12 mixer appletsclosedtaskmajor--
143jack server crashing with Saffire LE on Ubuntu Gutsyclosedppalmersbugmajor--
148fix jackmp backendclosedbugmajor--
149The "configuration"-file is not installed when DESTDIR is usedclosedbugmajor--
150M-Audio Firewire Audiophile not starting in jackdclosedbugmajor--
153saffirepro hardware monitoring not workingclosedppalmersbugmajor--
155Edirol FA-101: jack doesn't start with message 'no devices on the bus'closedwagibugmajor--
157jackdmp and Echo AudoFire4 audio stops after many hours of runtimeclosedppalmersbugmajor--
158Make common errors more informativeclosedwagienhancementmajor--
161Jack crashes with assertion after a few minutesclosedbugmajor--
162can't run mixer on focusrite saffire le at 96000 sample rateclosedbugmajor--
164Crash using M-Audio FireWire Solo with Ubuntu Intrepid with "firewire ERR: wait status < 0! (= -1)"closedppalmersbugmajor--
165Cannot run ffadomixer, Error: No module named mixer_edirolfa101uiclosedbugmajor--
167jackd crash with VIA controllerclosedbugmajor--
171Scons does not check for python module dbus.mainloop.qtclosedarnonymbugmajor--
172ffado-dbus-server fails to startclosedppalmersbugmajor--
173DRIVER NT: could not run driver cycleclosedbugmajor--
176jackd doesn't start w/ ffado and realtimeclosedbugmajor--
178Saffire LE very difficult cold startclosedbugmajor--
179ffado 2.0 and swap creates xrunsclosedbugmajor--
183DRIVER NT: could not run driver cycleclosedbugmajor--
184fix qt4 version of phase88 mixerclosedbugmajor--
186Jack crashes after export in Ardour, or just on some Ardour crashclosedbugmajor-- does not define a SONAMEclosedrexbronbugmajor--
189Small Sconscript tweaks (DESTDIR and BUILD_TESTS fixes)closedarnonymbugmajor--
195Saffire LE device not recognized through a cardbus firewire card (ti chipset)closedbugmajor--
201device guid specification doesn't set device order for multiple Audiofire12'sclosedbugmajor--
202Installation fails with Audiofire 4closedbugmajor--
203When launching mixer, sound "chops up"closedbugmajor--
204Mixer won't workclosedbugmajor--
205Fail after successful connect to cardclosedjwoithebugmajor--
206FAIL: $scons debclosedbugmajor--
212crash after minutes of recordingclosedbugmajor--
218jackd death on ricoh chipset (failure report requested by ppalmers)closedbugmajor--
219jackmp doesn't work with latest ffado 2.0 branchclosedbugmajor--
220jackmp doesn't work with latest ffado 2.0 branchclosedbugmajor--
221latest ffado 2.0 svn does not work with jackmpclosedbugmajor--
222jackd tries to start, locates correct ports, then crashesclosedbugmajor--
225fireworks-downloader doesn't recognize my card's GUIDclosedbugmajor--
226I can not detect my Tascam FW-1082closedfeaturemajor--
230firewire ERR (audiofire 8 - ubuntu 9.04)closedbugmajor--
231echo audiofire2 / ricoh R5C832 not deteced properlyclosedbugmajor--
3switch build systemclosedarnonymenhancementminor--
18--disable-bebob configure option brokenclosedbugminor--
29Update README with new library version requirementsclosedarnonymtaskminor--
35libffado compilation depends on freebob.h but this is not explicitclosedbugminor--
37strange channel numbering on phase88closedppalmersbugminor--
39Terratec Phase 88 FW - wrong outputport-orderclosedppalmersbugminor--
41Test all the ENABLE_* options before the releaseclosedarnonymtaskminor--
43remove OSC codeclosedppalmerstaskminor--
48Something is wrong with pyuic checkclosedarnonymbugminor--
56SaffireLE mixer controls mapped strangelyclosedppalmersbugminor--
70bridgeco-downloader display uses debug printfsclosedarnonymenhancementminor--
73cycle timer DLL doesn't handle bus resetsclosedbugminor--
74More verbose configure stuffclosedarnonymenhancementminor--
84test-ffado fails to handle "-v"closedenhancementminor--
86test-ffado fails to handle "-v"closedbugminor--
97jack shutdown not cleanclosedppalmersbugminor--
98Add enable/disable hardware monitoring in Focusrite Saffire Pro26 mixerclosedppalmersenhancementminor--
103'scons install' fails with scons v0.97.0d20071203.r2509closedbugminor--
104Jack crashes after a few minutesclosedppalmersbugminor--
105convert clock selection to generic clock selection codeclosedppalmerstaskminor--
113"Hardware Level Control" does not work properly in Saffire ffadomixerclosedbugminor--
116warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’closedppalmersbugminor--
121implement discovery fallbackclosedenhancementminor--
122ffadomixer: is not installedclosedbugminor--
123ffadomixer: Terratec PHASE X24 and Terratec PHASE 24 need different mixer GUIsclosedppalmersenhancementminor--
128The filename of the cache should not include the ieee1394 bus/node numberclosedbugminor--
134test ffadomixerclosedtaskminor--
135ffadomixer : weird behaviour of Mute and Hardware Level Control with Focusrite Saffireclosedbugminor--
140focusrite saffire, jack not running properlyclosedppalmersbugminor--
145saffire pro 26 can't sync to word clockclosedbugminor--
147saffire pro: follow monitor dialclosedenhancementminor--
169saffire pro 26 io reset on freewheelingclosedbugminor--
174remove warning for flashdurationclosedenhancementminor--
177AF12 not working!!! What am I missing?closeddiscussionminor--
181ffado has issue with nvidia8200 chipset (2.6.27 kernel)closedbugminor--
190CycleTimerHelper.cpp Execute: Early wakeup, should not happen!closedbugminor--
193Failed to execute dbus-launch to autolaunch D-Bus sessionclosedbugminor--
197FFado 2.0~rc1 FTBFS on Sparcclosedbugminor--
198FFado 2.0~rc1 FTBFS on HPPAclosedbugminor--
199FFado 2.0~rc1 FTBFS on IA64closedarnonymbugminor--
211assertion failure when CMP connection failsclosedbugminor--
224fails to build with gcc-4.4closedbugminor--
232ffado-diag: don't use pkg-config to get package infoclosedarnonymbugminor--
235pkg-config *_FLAGS not merged into argument list for compilerclosedarnonymbugminor--
239Terratec Phase 88 FW - Problem with ports 7 and 8 (Front / Back switching)closedarnonymbugminor--
24Remove the auto* parts fom the sourceclosedarnonymtasktrivial--
25Adapt all the compile-instructions to sconsclosedtasktrivial--
72Create a 2.0-branchclosedtasktrivial--
82Fix a swathe of warningsclosedenhancementtrivial--
83Patch: Correctly state error when pthread_create failsclosedbugtrivial--
85Inconsistant use of debugErrorclosedbugtrivial--
87Inconsistant use of debugErrorclosedbugtrivial--
88Inconsistant use of debugErrorclosedbugtrivial--
89Inconsistant use of debugErrorclosedbugtrivial--
106remove test tone from motu codeclosedjwoithetasktrivial--
107teststreaming3 false errors in command-line args parsingclosedbugtrivial--
151small typo in debug output for dice streamingclosedbugtrivial--
207Repeated defines in Amdtp{Receive,Transmit}StreamProcessorsclosedbugtrivial--

Milestone: FFADO 2.1 (57 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
253Could not communicate with the FFADO DBus service...closedbugblocker--
301EAP/Dice -Devices on the new stack don't have playbackclosedbugcriticaldevices/dice
12switch to jack midi for the midi handlingclosedenhancementmajor--
13improve the system config summary scriptclosedfeaturemajor--
19Fix FFADO for small buffer sizes (and thus low latencies)closedppalmersenhancementmajor--
51lower cpu usageclosedenhancementmajor--
55survive bus resets when streamingclosedtaskmajor--
66No midi-ports with Presonus Firepodclosedbugmajor--
115saffireLE at 96kHz does not produce soundclosedbugmajor--
137Saffire's hardware control checkbox not initialized correctly at startupclosedbugmajor--
159ease portability: libatomic_opsclosedenhancementmajor--
170Saffire LE sometimes fails to startclosedppalmersbugmajor--
209[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40] Jack stops and/or crashes after a while (without anything connected)closedbugmajor--
213After some minutes of working ffado-dbus-server starts writing errors every half second.closedbugmajor--
215[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40] Jack stops and/or crashes after a short time (1'-3')closedppalmersbugmajor--
216Unhandled XRUNclosedbugmajor--
233MIDI inputs/outputs are shown as audio portsclosedarnonymbugmajor--
240Adopt ffado/libraw1394 to work on jujuclosedarnonymbugmajor--
243pro26 adat clock source selection not correctclosedppalmersbugmajor--
246896HD has no connection to phonesclosedjwoithebugmajor--
250Regular xrunsclosedjwoithebugmajor--
251Motu 828 mk will only run at 96khzclosedjwoithebugmajor--
252Missing '=' in line 709 of motu.pyclosedbugmajor--
256ffadomixer hangs on startup / throws a dbus.exceptions.DBusExceptionclosedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
259Update routing and mixer when switching samplingrates (was: Focusrite PRO 40 doesn't play at 96k)closedarnonymbugmajordevices/dice
278Patches to allow specific build flags, different installation directories and fix gcc45 build issues.closedarnonymbugmajorgeneric
290[Patch] Drop external/. Use system's libconfig and libdbus-c++ insteadclosedbugmajorgeneric
320multiple instances of ffado-dbus-server prevent ffado-mixer startingclosedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
328Can't attach driver with two soundcards dasiychained (Saffire Pro 40)closedbugmajordevices/dice
378Focusrite Saffire PRO 14 jackd dies with Assertion `m_handle == __null'
79ffado should determine the rate from an device receiving a clock signalclosedfeatureminor--
95First run of a MOTU828, unable to load driverclosedjwoithebugminor--
101fix iec61883 bandwidth allocationclosedtaskminor--
130Cache: Some m_streamFormat values differ after fresh discoveringclosedbugminor--
138dbus-daemon not shut-down when ffado-dbus-server is killedclosedbugminor--
152Alesis io14 playback supportclosedppalmersenhancementminor--
156build on sparc fails due to missing -fPIC in external/libconfigclosedppalmersbugminor--
175implement "reconnect to dbus"closedenhancementminor--
182need some additional API to implement somthing similar to alsa_in and alsa_outclosedenhancementminor--
191Add rudimentary mixer support for Presonus FireBoxclosedarnonymenhancementminor--
192libffad0-2.0-rc1 SConstruct typing error prevents buildclosedarnonymbugminor--
200FFado 2.0~rc1 FTBFS on armelclosedbugminor--
229AF8/AF12: ffado-mixer settings should be sticky after power cycleclosedbugminor--
237ffado-dbus-server crash after resetting sample rate on saffire pro26closedbugminor--
241tests/test-avccmd depends on GenericAVCclosedarnonymbugminor--
249FTBFS with binutils-goldclosedbugminor--
254Improve handling when ffado-dbus-server can't be startedclosedarnonymenhancementminor--
287[Patch] Restart support for DICE based devices.closedenhancementminordevices/dice
355dso linking fixclosedbugminorgeneric/dbus
125libffado cannot be built with gcc-4.3closedholinbugtrivial--
126update inline dbus-C++ codeclosedppalmerstasktrivial--
196Alesis Multimix16 supportclosedenhancementtrivial--
214new scons issues warningsclosedbugtrivial--
238M-Audio ProFire 610 supportclosedarnonymenhancementtrivial--
245Remove duplicated Alesis Multimix16 config entryclosedbugtrivial--
291[Patch] desktop file fixesclosedarnonymenhancementtrivialffado-mixer
295[Patch] Name threads to ease debuggingclosedenhancementtrivialgeneric

Milestone: FFADO 2.2 (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
359focusrite saffire pro 10 i/o device fails to come back online after jack goes into freewheel modenew--bugmajordevices/bebob
370RME FF800 doesn't start from rev 2310closedjwoithebugmajordevices/rme
385ffado-mixer for the Focusrite Saffire PRO 24 has the names crossed for the analogue inputsreopenedla-page-web-of-philbugmajorffado-mixer

Milestone: FFADO 2.x (32 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
166What info does the Vendor need to provide?closeddiscussioncritical--
15test-ffado Discover crashes (FA101)closedwagibugmajor--
36M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge does not work.closedbugmajor--
38edirol fa-101, discovery failure, "Discovering function blocks... "closedbugmajor--
144saffire pro 26 jackd crash w/ "disable adat i/o" mixer flagclosedenhancementmajor--
180loop back mode for ffadoclosedfeaturemajor--
217jackd dies predictably after 5secs on TI ExpressCard / Saffireclosedbugmajor--
227Stanton ScratchAmp2 has no mixer panel in ffado-mixer ~ output volume defaults to 0, mixer needed to raise it!closedenhancementmajor--
242ntp interferes with ffadoclosedppalmersbugmajor--
263Audiofire 4 regular xrunsclosedbugmajordevices/fireworks
265can't find "Enable Pedal" footswitch (punch) setting on ffado-mixer for MOTU 896HDnewjwoithefeaturemajorffado-mixer
283ffado crashes at ffado_streaming_finish()closedbugmajorgeneric/streaming
284problems with new firewire stackclosedbugmajorgeneric
296Problem initializing Saffire Pro 24closedbugmajorgeneric/streaming
317jackdmp+ffado crashes after some time with 2 Saffire Pro 40 daisy-chainedclosedbugmajordevices/dice
347confused peak meters on Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 / 40closedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
362ffado-dbus-server crashes when launching ffado-mixerclosedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
379jack doesn't always start with RME FF800newjwoithebugmajordevices/rme
388mackie onyx: pitch / samplerate changes during record and playbacknewbugmajorgeneric
10FreeBoB doesn't run on PPC systemsclosedbugminor--
11jackd buffer resize supportclosedenhancementminor--
75Have the .desktop files installed correctlyclosedarnonymbugminor--
168SaffirePro26: when switching the ADAT ports on or off streaming and/or ffadomixer crashesclosedppalmersbugminor--
194MIDI: Device present in "MIDI", not in "Alsa" (qjackctl)closedfeatureminor--
280[Patch] atomic.h should use GCC builtinsclosedenhancementminorgeneric
282KeyError: dbus.String(u'')closedarnonymbugminorffado-mixer
289the old firewire stack (raw1394) seems requiredclosedarnonymbugminorgeneric
313ffado.h comments refer to ffado_streaming_write() and _read()closedbugminorgeneric
334infrasonic windy 6 support requestclosedarnonymenhancementminorffado-mixer
350python code is not v3 compatibleclosedadibugminorgeneric
380Segmentation fault with JACK in version 2.2.1closedjwoithebugminordevices/rme
80clock source setting should be easierclosedfeaturetrivial--

Milestone: FFADO 3.0 (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
78Port FFADO to the new firewire stackclosedtaskmajor--
363RME Fireface 800 random latencynewjwoithebugmajordevices/rme

Milestone: Indeterminant (awaiting volunteer) (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
367ffado-mixer locks up when it attempts to set clock source to SPDIF or ADATnewarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
50generalize external mixer APInewenhancementwaiting for volunteer--
160human-friendly mixer scalesnewenhancementwaiting for volunteerffado-mixer
281D-Bus server should speak the standard properties interfacenewenhancementwaiting for volunteergeneric/dbus
360Make echo audiofire 8 and audiofire 12 work with recent firmwaresreopenedbugwaiting for volunteerdevices/fireworks

Milestone: Indeterminant (need device info) (21 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
46mackie onyx satellitecloseddiscussionwaiting for device info--
146saffire LE mixer: follow monitor dialnewfeaturewaiting for device info--
185Can't start driver at all (Presonus FP10)closedbugwaiting for device info--
228check whether the firmware tool works for AF8 and AF12newtaskwaiting for device info--
236Support for Tapco Link.Firewire / Issues with obtaining AVC modelnewtaskwaiting for device info--
262[Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 I/O] jackd does not start with the sample rate different from the last usednewbugwaiting for device infodevices/bebob
300TC Electronic Konnekt24D ffado-mixer requestreopenedarnonymfeaturewaiting for device infodevices/dice
309setSampleRate() fails on Apogee AD16-x and DA16-xreopenedbugwaiting for device infodevices/bebob
315ffado-mixer: hardware mixing not working for Echo AudioFire 2 / Pre8newarnonymbugwaiting for device infoffado-mixer
318Add support for Tascam FW-1804newfeaturewaiting for device infogeneric
326Cannot start jack with Saffire PRO 40, new firewire stack and 96KHz sample ratenewbugwaiting for device infogeneric
331Bad name for input 14 on ONYX1640inewbugwaiting for device infogeneric
335Channel routing support for Echo Audiofire 2/4newbugwaiting for device infodevices/fireworks
336mixer for m-audio firewire solonewfeaturewaiting for device infoffado-mixer
338Tascam IF-FW/DM unstable behaviornewbugwaiting for device infodevices/bebob
340Tascam IF-FW/DM ffado-test Discover has no outputnewarnonymbugwaiting for device infoffado-mixer
343m-audio profire 610 on 192kHz - noise only!newbugwaiting for device infodevices/maudio
352Audiofire streaming issues after saving device configurationnewbugwaiting for device infodevices/fireworks
353Implement dual-wire DICE mode so 4x sample rates worknewenhancementwaiting for device infodevices/dice
356MOTU V4HD - Device info & IDsnewjwoithediscussionwaiting for device infodevices/motu
361Echo Audiofire12: sometimes device locks i/o converters.newbugwaiting for device infodevices/fireworks

Milestone: None (96 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Component
274strange 50hz hum fading in after some time - saffire leclosedbugcriticalgeneric
275strange 50hz hum fading in after some time - saffire leclosedbugcriticalgeneric
9Jack crashed on PreSonus Firepodclosedppalmersbugmajor--
27The search in the trac doesn't seem to work.closedbugmajor--
81library shutdown causes crashclosedbugmajor--
210[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40] Jack stops and/or crashes after a while (without anything connected)closedbugmajor--
234JACK 2 doesn't use the standard system port namesclosedadibugmajor--
244FFADO dies after JACK client timeoutclosedbugmajor--
247896HD only successfully connects in jackd at 192000closedjwoithebugmajor--
248ffado-dbus-server throws error every time i insert Konnekt 8closedbugmajor--
257error in dbus in ffado-mixer with Focusrite PRO 40closedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
260Focusrite PRO 40 doesn't play at 96kclosedbugmajorgeneric/streaming
264jackd output flooded with ProcessAsync read errors, system get unresponsiveclosedbugmajorgeneric
267Echo AF4: could not align streams.closedbugmajordevices/fireworks
269Could not start streaming threads with Saffire PRO 24closedarnonymbugmajorgeneric
271XRUNs with fglrx/nvidia/nouveau and FA-66: Instantanous samplerate more than 1% off nominalclosedbugmajordevices/bebob
273Regular "JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync: read error, skip cycle" with FA-66closedbugmajorgeneric
288FFADO fails from screensaver/screenblankclosedbugmajorgeneric
297Scriptable mixerclosedenhancementmajorgeneric
299FFADO does not read the correct VendorId under the Juju Stackclosedbugmajorgeneric/dbus
302Echo AudioFire4 doesn't work after latest firmware updateclosedbugmajordevices/fireworks
303Echo AudioFire4 mixer-qt4 small error (patch included)closedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
304FFADO can't restore stream status after multiple XRUNsclosedbugmajordevices/fireworks
305ffado-mixer crashesclosedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
306jackd segfaults while terminating when using the Juju stackclosedbugmajorgeneric
307fix portnames in 2.0closedbugmajorgeneric
310Echo Audiofire Pre8 does not work above 48000 Hzclosedbugmajordevices/fireworks
311Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 won't start up properlyclosedbugmajordevices/dice
319compile error: support/dbus/controlclient.h:37:56: error: expected class-name before ‘,’ tokenclosedbugmajorgeneric/dbus
325Problems with ffado-mixer routing tab and Saffire PRO40closedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
327Echo AF12 mixer doesn't recognize itclosedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
329jack segfault in debugmoduleclosedbugmajorgeneric
330MIDI almost never incoming or at least in a really sporadic wayclosedadibugmajordevices/dice
332FP10 XRunsclosedbugmajorgeneric
333only one of my daisy-chained Saffire Pro 40 is locked and FW-activedclosedbugmajordevices/dice
342ffado-dbus-server not working with the new juju stackclosedbugmajorgeneric/dbus
344gcc-4.7 compilation fixclosedjwoithebugmajorgeneric
345Starting ffado-dbus-server kills jackdclosedbugmajordevices/dice
346Changing buffer size from jack is not supportedclosedenhancementmajordevices/dice
351Build failure with GCC 4.7closedbugmajorgeneric
364Cannot turn on phantom power on Echo Audiofire4closedbugmajordevices/fireworks
368Jack with ffado is one-shot onlyreopenedbugmajordevices/bebob
369ffado-dbus-server: SIGTERM breaks persistence of mixer/router changesclosedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
372Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 Midi out/playback issuenew--bugmajordevices/dice
375Midi input broken on Focusrite Saffire Pro24 with Firmware version 2newbugmajordevices/dice
376DICE (Presonus FireStudio Project) clock sync problem.closedbugmajordevices/dice
381Change order of build system's jack detectionclosedjwoitheenhancementmajorgeneric
382Respect CC, CXX, CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGSclosedjwoitheenhancementmajorgeneric
383[Presonus Firestudio mobile] stereo support for headphoneclosedla-page-web-of-philenhancementmajorgeneric
384ffado-mixer (2.2.1) crashes/freezes when starting DAW Ardourclosedarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
386MOTU traveller MK1 not workingnewbugmajorgeneric/streaming
387Can't compile an 32-bit build on 64-bit userspaceclosedbugmajorgeneric
389Build system should refrain from trying to detect user space upon requestclosedbugmajorgeneric
390FFADO SVN fails to compile with SERIALIZE_USE_EXPAT=1closedbugmajorgeneric
391Add an option to choose whether to install mixer or notclosedenhancementmajorgeneric
28try to make the trac site send notificationsclosedenhancementminor--
34FAQ: remove jack-patchand adopt device-recognitionclosedwagi, arnonymtaskminor--
91Give ports namesclosedfeatureminor--
255FTBFS with gcc-4.5closedarnonymbugminorgeneric
258dice_eap : No routes foundclosedarnonymbugminordevices/dice
268AudioFire8a supportclosedfeatureminordevices/fireworks
270Execute: negative step errorsclosedbugminordevices/bebob
276Focusrite Pro 24: StyledItemDelegate is only present in Qt4.4 or higherclosedarnonymtaskminorffado-mixer
277ffado-diag tool: check for correct version of PyQtclosedarnonymtaskminorffado-mixer
285[Patch] M-Audio Profire 2626closedadienhancementminordevices/maudio
286OXFW970 device support: LaCie FireWire Speakers, Griffin FireWaveclosedfeatureminordevices/oxford
292[Patch] shebang cleanupclosedarnonymbugminorffado-mixer
294Feature Request: manpagesclosedfeatureminorgeneric
298width of Audiofire ffado-mixer should be resizableclosedarnonymenhancementminorffado-mixer
308[Patch] Setting samplerate on Echo Audiofire Pre8 only works up to 48000closedarnonymbugminorffado-mixer
314ffado-dbus-server kills jack with 12 signal from trunk svn rev 1900closedbugminordevices/dice
316Update .desktop fileclosedarnonymenhancementminorffado-mixer
321AMDTP_TRANSMIT_TRANSFER_DELAY is one cycle too longclosedbugminorgeneric/streaming
322missing EAP is not an errorclosedbugminordevices/dice
323some settings in ffado-mixer don't work on Terratec Phase 24FWclosedarnonymbugminorffado-mixer
337ffado dbusd not starting in ubuntu 11.4closedbugminordevices/fireworks
339ffado command lineclosedarnonymfeatureminorffado-mixer
348amdtp streamer crashes when changing buffersizeclosedbugminorgeneric/streaming
349Add TC Electronic's "Impact Twin"closedenhancementminordevices/dice
354ffado-test BusReset: sometimes this command does not endclosed--bugminorgeneric
357FTBFS on PowerPCclosedbugminorgeneric
365Saphire Pro40 Pro24 Mixer Monitor gui needs scroll barsclosedla-page-web-of-philbugminorffado-mixer
366FTBFS on PowerPC (again)closedla-page-web-of-philbugminordevices/dice
373udev complains when comments and rule are on the same lineclosedbugminorgeneric
374compile error on powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnuclosedbugminorgeneric
261Enable 2.0 branch to run on Jujuclosedbugtrivialgeneric/streaming
266FTBFS on powerpc (trunk, r1804)closedbugtrivialdevices/dice
272ubuntu minimal, ffado dbus server, dbus-launchclosedarnonymdiscussiontrivialgeneric/dbus
279use handcoded powerpc atomic operationsclosedbugtrivialgeneric
293[Patch] Include API documentation in installclosedfeaturetrivialgeneric
312[Patch] Weird error message: Error (Success)closedbugtrivialgeneric
324Hitting the hardware limits!closedjwoithediscussiontrivialdevices/dice
341Towards M-Audio Ozonic Supportclosedfeaturetrivialgeneric
358System freeze when resuming from suspend-to-ram while ffado is in useclosedbugtrivialgeneric
371scons fails to detect jack versionclosedjwoithebugtrivialgeneric
377AVC::Unit::getActiveSyncInfo() returns wrong SyncInfo after AVC::Unit::setActiveSync() even if command is success.newbugwaiting for volunteergeneric
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