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234JACK 2 doesn't use the standard system port namesadibugmajor--
285[Patch] M-Audio Profire 2626adienhancementminordevices/maudio
330MIDI almost never incoming or at least in a really sporadic wayadibugmajordevices/dice
255FTBFS with gcc-4.5arnonymbugminorgeneric
257error in dbus in ffado-mixer with Focusrite PRO 40arnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
258dice_eap : No routes foundarnonymbugminordevices/dice
269Could not start streaming threads with Saffire PRO 24arnonymbugmajorgeneric
272ubuntu minimal, ffado dbus server, dbus-launcharnonymdiscussiontrivialgeneric/dbus
276Focusrite Pro 24: StyledItemDelegate is only present in Qt4.4 or higherarnonymtaskminorffado-mixer
277ffado-diag tool: check for correct version of PyQtarnonymtaskminorffado-mixer
292[Patch] shebang cleanuparnonymbugminorffado-mixer
298width of Audiofire ffado-mixer should be resizablearnonymenhancementminorffado-mixer
303Echo AudioFire4 mixer-qt4 small error (patch included)arnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
305ffado-mixer crashesarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
308[Patch] Setting samplerate on Echo Audiofire Pre8 only works up to 48000arnonymbugminorffado-mixer
316Update .desktop filearnonymenhancementminorffado-mixer
323some settings in ffado-mixer don't work on Terratec Phase 24FWarnonymbugminorffado-mixer
325Problems with ffado-mixer routing tab and Saffire PRO40arnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
327Echo AF12 mixer doesn't recognize itarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
339ffado command linearnonymfeatureminorffado-mixer
369ffado-dbus-server: SIGTERM breaks persistence of mixer/router changesarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
384ffado-mixer (2.2.1) crashes/freezes when starting DAW Ardourarnonymbugmajorffado-mixer
247896HD only successfully connects in jackd at 192000jwoithebugmajor--
324Hitting the hardware limits!jwoithediscussiontrivialdevices/dice
344gcc-4.7 compilation fixjwoithebugmajorgeneric
371scons fails to detect jack versionjwoithebugtrivialgeneric
381Change order of build system's jack detectionjwoitheenhancementmajorgeneric
382Respect CC, CXX, CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGSjwoitheenhancementmajorgeneric
365Saphire Pro40 Pro24 Mixer Monitor gui needs scroll barsla-page-web-of-philbugminorffado-mixer
366FTBFS on PowerPC (again)la-page-web-of-philbugminordevices/dice
383[Presonus Firestudio mobile] stereo support for headphonela-page-web-of-philenhancementmajorgeneric
9Jack crashed on PreSonus Firepodppalmersbugmajor--
34FAQ: remove jack-patchand adopt device-recognitionwagi, arnonymtaskminor--
354ffado-test BusReset: sometimes this command does not end--bugminorgeneric
27The search in the trac doesn't seem to work.bugmajor--
28try to make the trac site send notificationsenhancementminor--
81library shutdown causes crashbugmajor--
91Give ports namesfeatureminor--
210[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40] Jack stops and/or crashes after a while (without anything connected)bugmajor--
244FFADO dies after JACK client timeoutbugmajor--
248ffado-dbus-server throws error every time i insert Konnekt 8bugmajor--
260Focusrite PRO 40 doesn't play at 96kbugmajorgeneric/streaming
261Enable 2.0 branch to run on Jujubugtrivialgeneric/streaming
264jackd output flooded with ProcessAsync read errors, system get unresponsivebugmajorgeneric
266FTBFS on powerpc (trunk, r1804)bugtrivialdevices/dice
267Echo AF4: could not align streams.bugmajordevices/fireworks
268AudioFire8a supportfeatureminordevices/fireworks
270Execute: negative step errorsbugminordevices/bebob
271XRUNs with fglrx/nvidia/nouveau and FA-66: Instantanous samplerate more than 1% off nominalbugmajordevices/bebob
273Regular "JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync: read error, skip cycle" with FA-66bugmajorgeneric
274strange 50hz hum fading in after some time - saffire lebugcriticalgeneric
275strange 50hz hum fading in after some time - saffire lebugcriticalgeneric
279use handcoded powerpc atomic operationsbugtrivialgeneric
286OXFW970 device support: LaCie FireWire Speakers, Griffin FireWavefeatureminordevices/oxford
288FFADO fails from screensaver/screenblankbugmajorgeneric
293[Patch] Include API documentation in installfeaturetrivialgeneric
294Feature Request: manpagesfeatureminorgeneric
297Scriptable mixerenhancementmajorgeneric
299FFADO does not read the correct VendorId under the Juju Stackbugmajorgeneric/dbus
302Echo AudioFire4 doesn't work after latest firmware updatebugmajordevices/fireworks
304FFADO can't restore stream status after multiple XRUNsbugmajordevices/fireworks
306jackd segfaults while terminating when using the Juju stackbugmajorgeneric
307fix portnames in 2.0bugmajorgeneric
310Echo Audiofire Pre8 does not work above 48000 Hzbugmajordevices/fireworks
311Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 won't start up properlybugmajordevices/dice
312[Patch] Weird error message: Error (Success)bugtrivialgeneric
314ffado-dbus-server kills jack with 12 signal from trunk svn rev 1900bugminordevices/dice
319compile error: support/dbus/controlclient.h:37:56: error: expected class-name before ‘,’ tokenbugmajorgeneric/dbus
321AMDTP_TRANSMIT_TRANSFER_DELAY is one cycle too longbugminorgeneric/streaming
322missing EAP is not an errorbugminordevices/dice
329jack segfault in debugmodulebugmajorgeneric
332FP10 XRunsbugmajorgeneric
333only one of my daisy-chained Saffire Pro 40 is locked and FW-activedbugmajordevices/dice
337ffado dbusd not starting in ubuntu 11.4bugminordevices/fireworks
341Towards M-Audio Ozonic Supportfeaturetrivialgeneric
342ffado-dbus-server not working with the new juju stackbugmajorgeneric/dbus
345Starting ffado-dbus-server kills jackdbugmajordevices/dice
346Changing buffer size from jack is not supportedenhancementmajordevices/dice
348amdtp streamer crashes when changing buffersizebugminorgeneric/streaming
349Add TC Electronic's "Impact Twin"enhancementminordevices/dice
351Build failure with GCC 4.7bugmajorgeneric
357FTBFS on PowerPCbugminorgeneric
358System freeze when resuming from suspend-to-ram while ffado is in usebugtrivialgeneric
364Cannot turn on phantom power on Echo Audiofire4bugmajordevices/fireworks
373udev complains when comments and rule are on the same linebugminorgeneric
374compile error on powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnubugminorgeneric
376DICE (Presonus FireStudio Project) clock sync problem.bugmajordevices/dice
387Can't compile an 32-bit build on 64-bit userspacebugmajorgeneric
389Build system should refrain from trying to detect user space upon requestbugmajorgeneric
390FFADO SVN fails to compile with SERIALIZE_USE_EXPAT=1bugmajorgeneric
391Add an option to choose whether to install mixer or notenhancementmajorgeneric
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