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253Could not communicate with the FFADO DBus service...bugblocker--FFADO SVN (trunk)
301EAP/Dice -Devices on the new stack don't have playbackbugcriticaldevices/diceFFADO SVN (trunk)
12switch to jack midi for the midi handlingenhancementmajor--
13improve the system config summary scriptfeaturemajor--
19Fix FFADO for small buffer sizes (and thus low latencies)ppalmersenhancementmajor--
51lower cpu usageenhancementmajor--
55survive bus resets when streamingtaskmajor--
66No midi-ports with Presonus Firepodbugmajor--
115saffireLE at 96kHz does not produce soundbugmajor--
137Saffire's hardware control checkbox not initialized correctly at startupbugmajor--FFADO 2.0-beta6 (1.999.36)
159ease portability: libatomic_opsenhancementmajor--FFADO 2.0-beta6 (1.999.36)
170Saffire LE sometimes fails to startppalmersbugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
209[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40] Jack stops and/or crashes after a while (without anything connected)bugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
213After some minutes of working ffado-dbus-server starts writing errors every half second.bugmajor--FFADO 2.0-rc1 (1.999.40)
215[Focusrite Saffire Pro 40] Jack stops and/or crashes after a short time (1'-3')ppalmersbugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
216Unhandled XRUNbugmajor--FFADO SVN (2.0 branch)
233MIDI inputs/outputs are shown as audio portsarnonymbugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
240Adopt ffado/libraw1394 to work on jujuarnonymbugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
243pro26 adat clock source selection not correctppalmersbugmajor--FFADO 2.0-rc1 (1.999.40)
246896HD has no connection to phonesjwoithebugmajor--FFADO 2.0-rc2 (1.999.42)
250Regular xrunsjwoithebugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
251Motu 828 mk will only run at 96khzjwoithebugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
252Missing '=' in line 709 of motu.pybugmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
256ffadomixer hangs on startup / throws a dbus.exceptions.DBusExceptionarnonymbugmajorffado-mixerFFADO SVN (trunk)
259Update routing and mixer when switching samplingrates (was: Focusrite PRO 40 doesn't play at 96k)arnonymbugmajordevices/diceFFADO SVN (trunk)
278Patches to allow specific build flags, different installation directories and fix gcc45 build issues.arnonymbugmajorgenericFFADO 2.0.0
290[Patch] Drop external/. Use system's libconfig and libdbus-c++ insteadbugmajorgenericFFADO SVN (trunk)
320multiple instances of ffado-dbus-server prevent ffado-mixer startingarnonymbugmajorffado-mixerFFADO SVN (2.0 branch)
328Can't attach driver with two soundcards dasiychained (Saffire Pro 40)bugmajordevices/diceFFADO SVN (trunk)
79ffado should determine the rate from an device receiving a clock signalfeatureminor--
95First run of a MOTU828, unable to load driverjwoithebugminor--FFADO 2.0-beta1 (1.999.20)
101fix iec61883 bandwidth allocationtaskminor--
130Cache: Some m_streamFormat values differ after fresh discoveringbugminor--FFADO 2.0-beta5.2 (1.999.34)
138dbus-daemon not shut-down when ffado-dbus-server is killedbugminor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
152Alesis io14 playback supportppalmersenhancementminor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
156build on sparc fails due to missing -fPIC in external/libconfigppalmersbugminor--FFADO 2.0-beta6 (1.999.36)
175implement "reconnect to dbus"enhancementminor--
182need some additional API to implement somthing similar to alsa_in and alsa_outenhancementminor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
191Add rudimentary mixer support for Presonus FireBoxarnonymenhancementminor--FFADO SVN (2.0 branch)
192libffad0-2.0-rc1 SConstruct typing error prevents buildarnonymbugminor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
200FFado 2.0~rc1 FTBFS on armelbugminor--FFADO 2.0-rc1 (1.999.40)
229AF8/AF12: ffado-mixer settings should be sticky after power cyclebugminor--FFADO 2.0-rc2 (1.999.42)
237ffado-dbus-server crash after resetting sample rate on saffire pro26bugminor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
241tests/test-avccmd depends on GenericAVCarnonymbugminor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
249FTBFS with binutils-goldbugminor--FFADO 2.0.0
254Improve handling when ffado-dbus-server can't be startedarnonymenhancementminor--FFADO 2.0.0
287[Patch] Restart support for DICE based devices.enhancementminordevices/diceFFADO SVN (trunk)
355dso linking fixbugminorgeneric/dbusFFADO SVN (trunk)
125libffado cannot be built with gcc-4.3holinbugtrivial--
126update inline dbus-C++ codeppalmerstasktrivial--FFADO SVN (trunk)
196Alesis Multimix16 supportenhancementtrivial--FFADO SVN (trunk)
214new scons issues warningsbugtrivial--FFADO SVN (trunk)
238M-Audio ProFire 610 supportarnonymenhancementtrivial--FFADO SVN (trunk)
245Remove duplicated Alesis Multimix16 config entrybugtrivial--FFADO SVN (trunk)
291[Patch] desktop file fixesarnonymenhancementtrivialffado-mixerFFADO SVN (trunk)
295[Patch] Name threads to ease debuggingenhancementtrivialgenericFFADO SVN (trunk)
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