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166What info does the Vendor need to provide?discussioncritical--
15test-ffado Discover crashes (FA101)wagibugmajor--
36M-Audio ProFire Lightbridge does not work.bugmajor--
38edirol fa-101, discovery failure, "Discovering function blocks... "bugmajor--
144saffire pro 26 jackd crash w/ "disable adat i/o" mixer flagenhancementmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
180loop back mode for ffadofeaturemajor--FFADO SVN (2.0 branch)
217jackd dies predictably after 5secs on TI ExpressCard / Saffirebugmajor--FFADO 2.0-rc1 (1.999.40)
227Stanton ScratchAmp2 has no mixer panel in ffado-mixer ~ output volume defaults to 0, mixer needed to raise it!enhancementmajor--FFADO SVN (trunk)
242ntp interferes with ffadoppalmersbugmajor--FFADO 2.0-rc2 (1.999.42)
263Audiofire 4 regular xrunsbugmajordevices/fireworksFFADO 2.0.0
283ffado crashes at ffado_streaming_finish()bugmajorgeneric/streamingFFADO SVN (trunk)
284problems with new firewire stackbugmajorgenericFFADO 2.0.0
296Problem initializing Saffire Pro 24bugmajorgeneric/streamingFFADO SVN (trunk)
317jackdmp+ffado crashes after some time with 2 Saffire Pro 40 daisy-chainedbugmajordevices/diceFFADO SVN (trunk)
347confused peak meters on Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 / 40arnonymbugmajorffado-mixerFFADO SVN (trunk)
362ffado-dbus-server crashes when launching ffado-mixerarnonymbugmajorffado-mixerFFADO SVN (trunk)
10FreeBoB doesn't run on PPC systemsbugminor--FreeBoB 1.0
11jackd buffer resize supportenhancementminor--
75Have the .desktop files installed correctlyarnonymbugminor--
168SaffirePro26: when switching the ADAT ports on or off streaming and/or ffadomixer crashesppalmersbugminor--FFADO 2.0-beta6 (1.999.36)
194MIDI: Device present in "MIDI", not in "Alsa" (qjackctl)featureminor--FFADO 2.0-rc1 (1.999.40)
280[Patch] atomic.h should use GCC builtinsenhancementminorgenericFFADO 2.0.0
282KeyError: dbus.String(u'')arnonymbugminorffado-mixerFFADO SVN (trunk)
289the old firewire stack (raw1394) seems requiredarnonymbugminorgenericFFADO SVN (trunk)
313ffado.h comments refer to ffado_streaming_write() and _read()bugminorgenericFFADO SVN (trunk)
334infrasonic windy 6 support requestarnonymenhancementminorffado-mixerFFADO 2.0.1
350python code is not v3 compatibleadibugminorgenericFFADO SVN (trunk)
380Segmentation fault with JACK in version 2.2.1jwoithebugminordevices/rmeFFADO SVN (trunk)
80clock source setting should be easierfeaturetrivial--
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