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146saffire LE mixer: follow monitor dialnewfeaturewaiting for device info--
228check whether the firmware tool works for AF8 and AF12newtaskwaiting for device info--
236Support for Tapco Link.Firewire / Issues with obtaining AVC modelnewtaskwaiting for device info--
262[Focusrite Saffire Pro 10 I/O] jackd does not start with the sample rate different from the last usednewbugwaiting for device infodevices/bebob
300TC Electronic Konnekt24D ffado-mixer requestreopenedarnonymfeaturewaiting for device infodevices/dice
309setSampleRate() fails on Apogee AD16-x and DA16-xreopenedbugwaiting for device infodevices/bebob
315ffado-mixer: hardware mixing not working for Echo AudioFire 2 / Pre8newarnonymbugwaiting for device infoffado-mixer
318Add support for Tascam FW-1804newfeaturewaiting for device infogeneric
326Cannot start jack with Saffire PRO 40, new firewire stack and 96KHz sample ratenewbugwaiting for device infogeneric
331Bad name for input 14 on ONYX1640inewbugwaiting for device infogeneric
335Channel routing support for Echo Audiofire 2/4newbugwaiting for device infodevices/fireworks
336mixer for m-audio firewire solonewfeaturewaiting for device infoffado-mixer
338Tascam IF-FW/DM unstable behaviornewbugwaiting for device infodevices/bebob
340Tascam IF-FW/DM ffado-test Discover has no outputnewarnonymbugwaiting for device infoffado-mixer
343m-audio profire 610 on 192kHz - noise only!newbugwaiting for device infodevices/maudio
352Audiofire streaming issues after saving device configurationnewbugwaiting for device infodevices/fireworks
353Implement dual-wire DICE mode so 4x sample rates worknewenhancementwaiting for device infodevices/dice
356MOTU V4HD - Device info & IDsnewjwoithediscussionwaiting for device infodevices/motu
361Echo Audiofire12: sometimes device locks i/o converters.newbugwaiting for device infodevices/fireworks
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