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ffadomixer: Startup of the ffado-dbus-server takes longer than 20 seconds

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Priority: major Milestone: FFADO 2.0
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The device the bug applies to: Terratec Phase X24


I am now trying out the latest libffado-2.0 branch (changeset 1204).

Finally want to track down the reason why I can't simply launch ffadomixer without first manually starting ffado-dbus-server.

First checking the startup time of ffado-dbus-server:

1) Without cache:

23 seconds. Since ffadomixer only waits 20 seconds, this explains the error.

2) With cache:

27 seconds (?!?!?). It takes longer than reading everything out of the device.

Normally using the cache should be faster, looking at the cpu usage it seems to be very hard to parse the cache...

Quick and dirty, increasing the timeout in ffadomixer solves the problem for me.

Suggestion: Increasing the sleep time is better than increasing the loop counter again ;-)

Change History

05/23/08 14:15:52 changed by arnonym

r1205 increases the sleep from one to two seconds (making it an effective 40s timeout). Is that a first help? Otherwise I created #120 for the ffadomixer-things...

The ffado-dbus-server and the caching stuff should still be valid.

05/25/08 04:23:08 changed by slack


Found the bugs inside the caching code!!!

The bugs caused the deserializing of the cache followed by a complete discovery of the device.

Now the time using the cache is 4 seconds which seems ok.

In fact it is the expected difference of the above values.

The longer waiting time is nevertheless required because the discovery of the device still needs 23 seconds.

Thank you.

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