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Saffire LE very difficult cold start

Reported by: j.silvestre Assigned to:
Priority: major Milestone: FFADO 2.0
Component: Version: FFADO 2.0-beta7 (1.999.38)
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Have to try a lot of times before jackd starts. I have the feeling that changing Clock Source and/or S/PDIF values in ffado-mixer helps but it's just a feeling... Once jackd finally succeed to start, hot starts are not a problem. Until the power supply is cycled. The Edirol FA101 have no start problem.


ffado-jack-sapphire.log.bz2 (12.7 kB) - added by j.silvestre on 11/25/08 05:20:12.
ffado-diag.log (6.4 kB) - added by j.silvestre on 11/30/08 09:59:12.
ffado-diag-desktop.log (7.0 kB) - added by j.silvestre on 12/01/08 02:58:33.

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11/25/08 05:20:12 changed by j.silvestre

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11/30/08 03:35:51 changed by ppalmers

Can you provide the output of the ffado-diag.py script?

11/30/08 09:59:12 changed by j.silvestre

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12/01/08 02:58:04 changed by j.silvestre

I plug the same Saffire LE interface on desktop box. No cold start trouble on that box. Joined is the ffado-diag.py output.

12/01/08 02:58:33 changed by j.silvestre

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Since beta7 I have changed some of the startup routines to provide better sync info to the devices. The saffires are pretty picky about this, so this might be solved in the upcoming RC2 release.

I'm closing this ticket, please reopen if still applicable.