Ticket #192 (closed bug: fixed)

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libffad0-2.0-rc1 SConstruct typing error prevents build

Reported by: andrew hately Assigned to: arnonym
Priority: minor Milestone: FFADO 2.1
Component: Version: FFADO SVN (trunk)
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SConstruct, line 553, "subdir" should be "subdirs".

Fragment of current file

subdirs=['external','src','libffado','tests','support','doc'] if build_base:

env.SConscript( dirs=subdirs, exports="env", build_dir=build_base+subdir )

here "subdir" is a new variable with no value.

Linking subsequently fails with unresolved references

Should be: subdirs=['external','src','libffado','tests','support','doc'] if build_base:

env.SConscript( dirs=subdirs, exports="env", build_dir=build_base+subdirs )

The joy of python. :-)

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01/03/09 02:14:45 changed by arnonym

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I don't know (yet) what ppalmers intended by adding subdir to the build_dir argument, but your fix seems to be wrong: subdirs is a list while build_dir expects a single path... Will look into it.

Which python and scons versions are you using?

01/03/09 05:44:26 changed by arnonym

Hmm, running scons fails with BUILDDIR=tmp regardless whether I use







build_dir=builddirs (where builddirs is a selfconcenated list of build_base + subdirs)

The error is that scons (in version 0.97) doesn't allow multiple sconscripts together with build_dir. And for later versions its changed completely to variantdir...

I think we should disable the BUILDDIR-option...

09/13/09 12:37:22 changed by arnonym

  • version changed from FFADO 2.0-rc1 (1.999.40) to FFADO SVN (trunk).
  • milestone changed from FFADO 2.0 to FFADO 2.1.

"fixed" for the 2.0 branch in r1661...

11/02/09 02:33:54 changed by jwoithe

Arnold: do you consider this "fix" to be suitable for trunk as well? If so could we close this ticket after porting the fix to trunk?

11/02/09 02:54:14 changed by arnonym

The thing is that ppalmers seems to use builddir != srcdir which this part of the build-system is concerned with.

For the branch it makes sense to disable that if it just imposes problems as packagers shouldn't need builddir != srcdir.

For trunk it could be that ppalmers wants to fix this. And it doesn't affect others with builddir == srcdir...

11/02/09 04:00:42 changed by jwoithe

Ok, that sounds fair. We'll leave it as is until Pieter clarifies the situation. In any case it's clearly not a showstopper for 2.0 anymore.

11/02/09 04:44:46 changed by arnonym

Well, there is a reason this bug isn't assigned to the 2.0 milestone anymore...

03/28/12 02:47:52 changed by jwoithe

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The removal of BUILDDIR and its associated infrastructure from the 2.0 branch in r1661 was merged with trunk in r1763. Therefore this ticket is no longer relevant; it is considered fixed.