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Support for Tapco Link.Firewire / Issues with obtaining AVC model

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Priority: waiting for device info Milestone: Indeterminant (need device info)
Component: Version: FFADO SVN (trunk)
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Hi there!

I own a Tapco Link.Firewire which I dearly want to use. However, due to issues with my graphics card or drivers under Windows, I'm unable to use it on Windows. So I'm trying to run it with FFADO on Linux. Obviously, default configurations won't do, since FFADO does not seem to support it (yet).

Adi in #ffado @ freenode.net told me that Tapco Link.Firewire might be an AVC device. I couldn't retrieve any information on the chipset it is using on the Internet, so I dl'd the 1.999.42 tarball (I have the exact same compiled libffado/etc. installed from the official Ubuntu repositories), changed the rw access for my user onto /dev/raw1394 and tried to run ffado-test.

That's what I got: http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/396392/

Any further step I should be taking to obtain information? I'd be glad if I can help :)


new_stderr.log (27.3 kB) - added by sindwiller on 10/07/09 08:11:09.
New stderr output, trying to retrieve AV/C model in tapco Link.Firewire
gscanbus_output.jpg (97.2 kB) - added by sindwiller on 10/07/09 08:20:41.
gscanbus output with Tapco Link.Firewire

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First steps are:

  1. Run "ffado-test Discover -v6" to get more output.
  2. Compile ffado yourself (from trunk!) with support for all devices activated and retry the first.

You could also try other tools like gscanbus to get the vendor- and product-id of the device...

10/07/09 08:11:09 changed by sindwiller

  • attachment new_stderr.log added.

New stderr output, trying to retrieve AV/C model in tapco Link.Firewire

10/07/09 08:20:41 changed by sindwiller

  • attachment gscanbus_output.jpg added.

gscanbus output with Tapco Link.Firewire

10/07/09 08:22:28 changed by sindwiller

Compiled ffado from trunk (had to compile Jack myself, too, which however is completely unrelated to this topic) and ffado-test dies in a segmentation fault while still giving out some output *scratches his head*. Attached new_stderr.log for that.

Tried gscanbus, too, the output is in gscanbus_output.jpg.

10/24/09 07:12:47 changed by sindwiller

I guess this doesn't really help - am I doing something wrong or is there any other method to get further info?

04/14/12 05:41:28 changed by jwoithe

This is another device-support ticket which has unfortunately gone by the wayside over the past couple of years. If the original reporter is still in contact (or if someone with the Tapco Link.Firewire device reads this), it would be good if we can try to restart this discussion. Based on the information provided up to now it appears that this device may not use any of the protocols already implemented in FFADO. To be sure though, could this device please be re-tested using a recent subversion revision?

If a custom protocol is involved, getting support into FFADO will require the usual: someone with one of these devices will need access to documentation about how to control the device, which can then be used to write a driver. If such documentation is not forthcoming from the manufacturer then the job is much harder - protocol analysis will be required to deduce the protocol, a task which can be quite time consuming.

Suffice to say that at present, no one currently working on FFADO have one of these devices.

However, before contemplating the complicated, let's first determine what the current situation is. We can move on from there as is appropriate.

05/04/12 03:43:22 changed by jwoithe

  • priority changed from major to waiting for device info.
  • milestone set to Indeterminant (need device info).

To proceed further, additional information is required about this device. Setting milestone and priority to reflect this.