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[Patch] Include API documentation in install

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When I was packaging libffado for Fedora, I wanted the build the API docs. However, this is not enabled by default. If I add a line to SConstruct to install the docs, all of the source documentation, not just for the library is generated. The patch strips those out and leaves the library API documentation only.

This might be improved by adding a scons option. But I leave this to developers.


libffado-api-doc-only.patch (1.2 kB) - added by oget on 07/14/10 12:59:35.
build and install api doc only

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build and install api doc only

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Given that there is only one user of libffado, namely jackd, probably no non-FFADO-dev would ever want to consult this API documentation. ;)

03/29/12 06:54:40 changed by jwoithe

How do we want to proceed with this? The request sounds reasonable (even though, as Adi says, the only external user of libffado is jack), but an scons option would be the way to go I think. I'm no scons expert and would probably prefer to defer to those more experienced with scons for an implementation.

What is the general consensus here? Is it worth it?

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There has been no further comment on this in a month. I'm therefore assuming that no one feels that adding scons support to enable generation of only the API documentation is worth the effort. Please re-open this ticket if a reconsideration becomes necessary in light of future requirements.