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Add support for Tascam FW-1804

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Hi there!

I own a TASCAM FW-1804 Firewire device. Well, it is in "unknown" state in FFADO. It works very well in Windows, but I would like to use it in Linux. I have looked inside my FW-1804 and discovered what chips are in there:

- PDI1394P23BD
- PDI1394L40BE
- ATMEL AT91M42800A

I considered spending some time trying to get it working. But where should I start from?


datasheet-PDI1394L40BE.pdf (323.8 kB) - added by adi on 01/13/11 07:36:39.

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I've attached the datasheet for the PDI1394L40BE, and it contains some well-known terms like IEC 61883, CIP, CMP, FCP and the lot.

Though this doesn't necessarily mean it's feasible, it might at least put you closer.

May I also suggest to subscribe to the ffado development mailinglist. You said that the FW-1804 has the same chips as the Digi 003, and there's already one user with such a device (damo), so you might share some knowledge.

Good luck! ;)

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Progress depends on people providing device information. Setting milestone and priority accordingly.