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Echo AF12 mixer doesn't recognize it

Reported by: picander Assigned to: arnonym
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Component: ffado-mixer Version: FFADO SVN (trunk)
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I used my AF12 a lot with kernel 2.6.36 with the older stack. Now with kernel 2.6.38 (only juju stack is available) the card isn't correctly recognized by dbus server. Mixer use dummy empty dialog.

Compiled ffado from svn on 03/21/2011


ffado-test-Discovery (12.0 kB) - added by picander on 03/21/11 07:50:24.
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I forgot to mention the audio seems to work good, in 44.1 and 48 multichannel configuration. The problem seems to affect only ffado-dbus-server and consequently ffado-mixer.

here's a strange thing ffado-mixer reports GUID 0x0900000000000000 (in the dialog for new device discovery)


mythuser@minibox ~ $ ffado-test ListDevices?

FFADO test and diagnostic utility Part of the FFADO project -- www.ffado.org Version: 2.999.0-esportato (C) 2008, Daniel Wagner, Pieter Palmers This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

1394 PORT 0

Node id GUID VendorId? ModelId? Vendor - Model

0 0x001486009ab43346 0x00001486 0x0000AF12 Echo Digital Audio - AudioFire?12 1 0x001e8c0001796f3c 0x00001E8C 0x00000000 Linux Firewire -

no message buffer overruns

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I recompiled libffado with debug messages. Here is what ffado-mixer reports

mythuser@minibox ~ $ ffado-mixer 
15:54:30 dbus             DEBUG    connecting to: Updated on /org/ffado/Control/DeviceManager (server: org.ffado.Control)
15:54:31 panelmanager     DEBUG    PanelManager::updatePanels()
15:54:31 panelmanager     DEBUG    going to add 0900000000000000
15:54:31 panelmanager     DEBUG    Adding device 0: 0900000000000000
15:54:31 panelmanager     DEBUG     Found (0900000000000000, 90000, AF12) Echo Digital Audio AudioFire12
15:54:31 registration     DEBUG    show dialog...

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Now it works without changing anything.... what should I do with this ticket?

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i close it for know waiting for further investigation