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infrasonic windy 6 support request

Reported by: ilia_2s Assigned to: arnonym
Priority: minor Milestone: FFADO 2.x
Component: ffado-mixer Version: FFADO 2.0.1
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Hi, all!

I bought an infrasonic windy 6 soundcard. I run all software (mixer, dbus-server, jack) and my infrasonic windy 6 is works, i.e. it plays a sounds!

That is great! FFADO not provide a mixer for this device, I send a report about it at first ffado-mixer start. Could U ask in what time a control panel for my device will be developed?

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03/28/12 03:05:07 changed by jwoithe

It's great to hear that the audio side of the device works.

What chipset is this device based on? Given that you were able to get audio in and out of it with a standard FFADO the most likely candidates are DICE or Bebob. Are you able to confirm this? The output from

  ffado-test Discover -v 6

may give us some clues.

Since none of the core developers have access to one of these devices it is next to impossible for us to implement a mixer interface for it unless it only requires something simple (like an ID tweak) to enable it to work with existing code. The reason is simple: without a device to test ideas and debug code against the development of device-specific code is very slow and laborious. If such development turns out to be necessary for the windy6, the most likely ways to make it happen are:

  • a developer is given a windy6 so they can develop the necessary code
  • someone who owns a windy6 takes it upon themselves to determine how to control the interface and code up a mixer interface using this information

Assistance with the latter can be obtained from the ffado-devel mailing list. There are numerous posts in the past which deal with this process, and failing that there's a few of us on that list who could help out a prospective coder. :-)

03/28/12 07:50:11 changed by ilia_2s

Thanks for your answer.

This device based on Archwave DM1100 chipset.

Unfortunately, I had already refuse to use this device. Because I found a great problem with external sync of this device. And some other small bugs. Furthermore, Infrasonic have a poor and not professional support. They hardly understand technical (engineering) information. And they try to blame my setup in their device design problems! I know, that Infrasonic is not a developer of device architecture, but Archwave also didn't help me. In addition, they stop answer to me, After my letter about my tests on a professional gaging equipment and some notes about device development.

I changed device to DICE-based soundcard and I nearly happy (I will completely happy if we run Dice deveces at 192k, and I glad to see some fresh code in SVN tree). In this case, I must say about TCAT's (DICE chip's developer) support. I have a conversation with them. It was high professional level discussion, they answer so fast on all my questions and give me a full technical documentation for DICE chip.

I suppose we can close or hold this ticket, because I was the only one who try to use this card with FFADO (based on on-line FFADO's usage statistics); and because software mixer is not necessary for device usage.

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Thank you for the prompt response and the additional information. Being DM1100-based it makes this device a Bebob device, which is probably why the audio side of things worked out the box. I'm not entirely sure why the standard AVC mixer code didn't kick in for you, but I don't have a detailed understanding of that driver and there may be device-specific subtleties that I'm not aware of.

In any case, since you no longer have the device and no other FFADO user seems to have one either I think it's best to close this ticket as "wontfix" - there's nothing we can do without access to a device. If a windy-6 owner comes forward at some point in the future we can re-open the ticket if issues remain at that point in time.