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mixer for m-audio firewire solo

Reported by: marciotex Assigned to:
Priority: waiting for device info Milestone: Indeterminant (need device info)
Component: ffado-mixer Version: FFADO SVN (trunk)
Keywords: m-audio,solo Cc:
The device the bug applies to: m-audio firewire solo



Is there something that I can do for help development of these mixer interface? I'm not a programmer, but I can get info, since I own a device.

AV/C model already was uploaded. There is two. Is this a problem?

I,m sending screenshot of DBusViewer (java tool) and one introspection example. This help?

I'm sending, too, output of ffado-diag. Interface is working ok with juju. The only problem is lack of mixer (each power-down I need plug interface into Windows machine).

Thanks for your work and dedication,



ffado-diag.log (7.5 kB) - added by marciotex on 06/24/11 12:03:57.
output of ffado-diag
dbusviewer-ffado1.png (123.9 kB) - added by marciotex on 06/24/11 12:35:51.
view of ffado dbus (part1)
dbusviewer-ffado2.png (138.6 kB) - added by marciotex on 06/24/11 12:38:17.
view of ffado dbus (part2)
org.ffado.Control.xml (1.6 kB) - added by marciotex on 06/24/11 12:49:03.
introspection example

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output of ffado-diag

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view of ffado dbus (part1)

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view of ffado dbus (part2)

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introspection example

03/28/12 03:37:47 changed by jwoithe

Without physical access to a device it is very difficult for the core developers to write device specific code. Given that this device appears to be a standard AVC device, the task may not be as tricky as on other devices. However, the fact that the ticket has been dormant for 8 months suggests that those developers familiar with the AVC devices don't have the time to develop the code blindly.

Probably the best chances of getting the mixer portion of this device working with FFADO is if someone who owns the device contributes the code to make this happen. You could probably work with such a person to help move things along. Unless a core developer is given one of these devices it's unlikely that we can efficiently write the necessary code.

I'll leave this ticket open to see what other responses are forthcoming.

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With no further responses received, I'll set the milestone and priority to reflect the need for device information before further progress can be made. Version set to SVN (from 2.0.1); if this ticket gets addressed in future the focus of development will be trunk.

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