Ticket #352 (new bug)

Opened 8 years ago

Audiofire streaming issues after saving device configuration

Reported by: jwoithe Assigned to:
Priority: waiting for device info Milestone: Indeterminant (need device info)
Component: devices/fireworks Version: FFADO SVN (trunk)
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The device the bug applies to: Audiofire


There seems there is a stability issue with Audiofire interfaces after ffado-mixer has been used to save settings to the device non-volatile RAM. SVN r2129 and r2130 goes part of the way to dealing with this by ensuring that a user can't request such an operation when streaming is active (having streaming disabled during the save is what other OSes seem to do).

However, evidence suggests that there is still a lingering issue. On Sun, 29 Apr 2012 Ben Briedis wrote to the ffado-devel list:

From my quick tests it doesn't look like a 100% solution. If you stop jack then save the settings then restart you still get weird behaviour on restart - with the latency moving around, maybe an XRun, and sometimes a failure to start the server.

I think Ben's testing was with an Audiofire-4. For more background on this issue, refer to the following mailing list threads:

  • ffado-devel: How to simulate xruns?
  • ffado-user: Warning messages, more on variable latency

It may be that there's something ffado doesn't do quite right either during the management of audio streams or when data is written to the device which upsets any subsequent attempt to stream audio to or from the device. Resolving this will require someone with an Audiofire device (and possibly a copy of the protocol specs) to test this out and see if something can be done to rectify the problem.