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[Presonus Firestudio mobile] stereo support for headphone

Reported by: pandamasta Assigned to: la-page-web-of-phil
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Component: generic Version: FFADO SVN (trunk)
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This sound card seems not support the stereo headphone output.

I have tried to balance the sound on the left and right in Ardour, without success. I can get just a mono output.

Tested with build: jackd 1.9.11 (SVN) libffado 2.2.9999-2575 (SVN)


jackdfirewire.txt (6.1 kB) - added by pandamasta on 12/14/14 11:14:48.
log of jackd -d firewire
ffadodiag.txt (7.9 kB) - added by pandamasta on 12/14/14 11:18:41.
firestudio-mobile_test-dice-eap.log (45.8 kB) - added by pandamasta on 12/15/14 09:53:48.
test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1
ffado-dbus-server.txt (18.4 kB) - added by pandamasta on 12/16/14 14:39:03.
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connections qjackctl

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log of jackd -d firewire

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I believe this is a DICE-based interface. Of the currently active developers Phil would probably be the most qualified to take a look at this. However, most of his experience is with the Saffire devices and I'm not sure how much this carries across to interfaces from other manufacturers. If he feels he is in a position to assist I'm sure he'll speak up.

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refering to the Presonus doc, Firestudio Mobile is essentially the small brother of Project and Tube. Is it also using the Dice mini and supports EAP ? In which case headphone outputs are subjected to internal routing. Aurélien, I pursue the contact on the user list; we will come back here when we will have more info.

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test-dice-eap -c 1 --port=fw1

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connections qjackctl

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Solved by enabling EAP router/mixer for this device as revision 2578 and 2579 of the svn trunk.