Adding Device IDs

In the SVN head version of libffado the ID of the device has to be added to the supported devices list. This can be done as follows:

(example for the Apogee X-Firewire)

Getting the Device IDs

To get the device ID of your not-yet supported device, there are two different ways:

On kernels running the Juju firewire stack

adi@hex:~$ cd /sys/bus/firewire/devices
adi@hex:/sys/bus/firewire/devices$ cd fw1   (or fw2, fw3... just check all of them) 
adi@hex:/sys/bus/firewire/devices/fw1$ cat model* vendor*
iO Firewire

You clearly see modelID (0x000001) and vendorID (0x000595) here. That's it.

On kernels running the old ieee1394 firewire stack

Find the device IDs for your device in the output of the test-ffado application:

 # tests/ffado-test ListDevices
        Node Vendor ID:         0x0003db
        Model Id:               0x00010048

Note that you'll have to install FFADO a first time before you are able to use ffado-test. After adding the IDs you will have to reinstall.

Adding the IDs

Add your vendor and model IDs to the toplevel /trunk/libffado/configuration.