Using the FFADO DBUS server

DBUS (or Desktop bus) is a message bus system. It provides facilities to launch applications on demand when their services are needed, for instance when a new piece of hotpluggable hardware has been added to the system. See

Basic usage

Before you can use FireWire audio devices with FFADO, the ffado-dbus-server must be running:

$ ffado-dbus-server &

(The "&" tells the shell to put the program in the background, so that you can re-use the shell to run other applications.) This command should be sufficient in the standard case.

Advanced options

If you have a more complicated setup with multiple FireWire controllers or need debugging output, check out the advanced options:

$ ffado-dbus-server --help
Usage: ffado-dbus-server [OPTION...]
ffado-dbus-server -- expose the mixer features of connected FFADO devices
through DBus

  -n, --node=id              Only expose mixer of a device on a specific node
  -p, --port=nr              IEEE1394 Port to use
  -q, -s, --quiet, --silent  Don't produce any output
  -v, --verbose=level        Produce verbose output
  -?, --help                 Give this help list
      --usage                Give a short usage message
  -V, --version              Print program version

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
for any corresponding short options.

Report bugs to <>.
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