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Dependencies for ArchLinux

This page was contributed to the website docs by galiyosha on Sat, 10/04/2008 - 16:01. It has been moved over from the website unchanged. Please help fitting it into the existing docs structure.

FFADO needs a few libraries along with D-Bus and PyQt 3 for the mixer/controlling part. These are included in the PKGBUILD, so they should be installed automatically when running makepkg with the -s switch.

JACK package from the extra repository is not compiled with FFADO support, so you'll have to recompile it as well. I wasn't able to get FFADO working with the lastest release, so you'll find a PKGBUILD for building JACK from SVN attached as well.

Obviously, you also need kernel drivers for your IEEE 1394 controller along with the raw1394 driver and the ALSA sequencer driver. These are compiled in stock kernels by default, but in case you're compiling your own, be sure to have these options set:


Also, beware of conflicts between this "old" IEEE 1394 kernel stack (ieee1394, ohci1394, raw1394) and the "new" one (firewire_core, firewire_ohci). If you have both compiled, don't load them both at the same time. (Note: Although libraw1394 2.0.0 supports the new stack, I wasn't able to get libffado working with it -- libiec61883 was complaining about something.)

If you've never compiled a package in Arch Linux before, you might want to check out some info about the Arch Build System and the makepkg utility along with the corresponding man pages before carrying on.

   1. Build and install libffado:
      mkdir -p /var/abs/local/libffado
      cd /var/abs/local/libffado
      wget -O PKGBUILD
      makepkg -is
   2. Remove your current installation of JACK:
      sudo pacman -Rd jack-audio-connection-kit
   3. Build and install JACK from SVN:
      mkdir -p /var/abs/local/jack-audio-connection-kit-svn
      cd /var/abs/local/jack-audio-connection-kit-svn
      wget -O PKGBUILD
      makepkg -is

If everything went fine, you should be able to run JACK with FFADO now: jack -R -d firewire

If you're not and you have no idea what's wrong, have a look at the Reporting problems article and post the output on the ffado-users mailing list.

Please note, that the PKGBUILD for libffado enables compiler optimizations and disables building of a debug build. If you'd need any assistance from FFADO developers, build a non-optimized debug build of libffado first and tell makepkg to leave all the debug symbols in place. That means:

  • edit the PKGBUILD for libffado and replace options=('!libtool' 'strip') with options=('!libtool' '!strip'),
  • save and rebuild the package.