Using the FFADO mixer

The ffadomixer provides access to the mixing/routing facilities of your FireWire audio hardware, and allows you to set parameters such as phantom power, sampling rate etc.

Generic mixer information

To start the mixer, issue the command

$ ffado-mixer &

If you see a message like

ERROR: Could not communicate with the FFADO DBus service...

you need to start your DBUS server first.

The mixer has a graphical user interface and will not run without X11 (i.e. you can't use it during in console sessions).


On some devices (notably the Focusrite range of producs), most mixer functions only work when the hardware is in streaming mode. That means ffadomixer won't do much unless JACK is running.

Hardware-specific mixer information

Please contribute to this section by adding subpages for your own hardware. Try to filter out generic information and put them in the section above.