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Obtaining Firmware Information

BeBoB devices

The first thing is to figure out the Node Id of the target device (e.g. using gscanbus).

Then run:

bridgeco-downloader NODE_ID display

Running this for my QuataFire

bridgeco-downloader 0 display


$ bridgeco-downloader 0 display
Config ROM
        Current Node Id:        0
        GUID:                   0x000f1b10000123c2
        Vendor Name:            Ego Systems Inc
        Model Name:             QUATA Fire
        Node Vendor ID:         0x000f1b
        Model Id:               0x00010064
        Unit Specifier ID:      0x00a02d
        Unit version:           0x00010001
        ISO resource manager:   1
        Cycle master capable:   1
        Bus manager capable:    1
        Cycle clock accuracy:   100
        Max rec:                7 (max asy payload: 256 bytes)
Info Registers
        Manufactors Id:         bridgeCo
        Protocol Version:       0x00000001
        Bootloader Version:     0x00000000
        GUID:                   0x000f1b10000123c2
        Hardware Model ID:      0x00000081
        Hardware Revision:      0x00000001
        Software Date:          23.06.2004, 14:20:49
        Software Id:            0x00010064
        Software Version:       0x00000a48
        Base Address:           0x20080000
        Max. Image Len:         0x00180000
        Bootloader Date:        08.06.2004, 14:57:12
        Debugger Id:            0x00000000
        Debugger Version:       0x00000000
no message buffer overruns