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Obtaining Firmware Information

BeBoB devices

$ ffado-bridgeco-downloader --help
Usage: ffado-bridgeco-downloader [OPTION...] OPERATION [ARGUMENTS]
bridgeco-downloader -- firmware downloader application for BridgeCo devices

           GUID setguid NEW_GUID
           GUID firmware FILE
           GUID cne FILE
           GUID bcd FILE

  -b, --noboot               Do no start bootloader (bootloader is already
  -f, --force                Force firmware download
  -p, --port=PORT            Set port
  -v, --verbose=level        Produce verbose output
  -?, --help                 Give this help list
      --usage                Give a short usage message
  -V, --version              Print program version

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional
for any corresponding short options.

Report bugs to <>.

Running ffado-bridgeco-downloader without arguments lists all found devices with their GUID

$ ffado-bridgeco-downloader
Node id        GUID                  Vendor - Model
0              0x00110600ad006be0    'Linux - ohci1394 ' - ''
1              0x0040ab0000045893    'EDIROL' - 'EDIROL FA-101'

Running this for my FA-101

$ ffado-bridgeco-downloader 0x0040ab0000045893 display


$ ffado-bridgeco-downloader 0x0040ab0000045893 display
00874072211:  (configrom.cpp)[ 581] printConfigRom: Config ROM
00874072678:  (configrom.cpp)[ 582] printConfigRom:     Current Node Id:        1
00874072816:  (configrom.cpp)[ 583] printConfigRom:     GUID:                   0x0040AB0000045893
00874072948:  (configrom.cpp)[ 584] printConfigRom:     Vendor Name:            EDIROL
00874073082:  (configrom.cpp)[ 585] printConfigRom:     Model Name:             EDIROL FA-101
00874073207:  (configrom.cpp)[ 586] printConfigRom:     Node Vendor ID:         0x0040ab
00874073330:  (configrom.cpp)[ 587] printConfigRom:     Model Id:               0x00010048
00874073453:  (configrom.cpp)[ 588] printConfigRom:     Unit Specifier ID:      0x00a02d
00874073594:  (configrom.cpp)[ 589] printConfigRom:     Unit version:           0x00010001
00874073715:  (configrom.cpp)[ 590] printConfigRom:     ISO resource manager:   1
00874073836:  (configrom.cpp)[ 591] printConfigRom:     Cycle master capable:   1
00874073957:  (configrom.cpp)[ 592] printConfigRom:     Bus manager capable:    1
00874074079:  (configrom.cpp)[ 593] printConfigRom:     Cycle clock accuracy:   100
00874074201:  (configrom.cpp)[ 594] printConfigRom:     Max rec:                6 (max asy payload: 128 bytes)
Info Registers
        Manufactors Id:         bridgeCo
        Protocol Version:       0x00000001
        Bootloader Version:     0x00000000
        GUID:                   0x0040ab0000045893
        Hardware Model ID:      0x00000e01
        Hardware Revision:      0x00000001
        Software Date:          19.03.2004, 00:25:39
        Software Id:            0x00010048
        Software Version:       0x00000835
        Base Address:           0x20080000
        Max. Image Len:         0x00180000
        Bootloader Date:        16.03.2004, 10:40:31
        Debugger Id:            0x00000000
        Debugger Version:       0x00000000
no message buffer overruns