Focusrite Saffire Pro40-1


In November 2015 it was brought to FFADO's attention that the hardware for the Focusrite Saffire Pro40 being sold at that time differed significantly from that which we had seen earlier. After feedback from people with access to the new device the following was determined.

  • The new device is based on the DICE III chip.
  • Jackd+FFADO could run this device if the new model numbers were included in the configuration file.
  • It was possible to capture audio from the device.
  • Audio outputs from the device were muted.
  • The Pro40 ffado-mixer module could not control the new device because the EAP control system is no longer supported by the hardware.

This page exists to collect dump files and other resources provided by users in the hope that this can be used to eventually support this new device. It is expected that this will be a slow process though. Although Focusrite has so far not been able to provide programming information to us for this new Pro40-1 it is hoped that this will eventually happen. Without this assistance it is doubtful whether mixer support in particular will be added any time soon.

Initial packet dumps

On 26 Feb 2016 Alban Bernard provided a collection of nosy dumps captured performing various actions on his Pro40-1.