using test-mixer

Command Line

test-mixer PORT NODE_ID CMD FB_ID [VAL1] [VAL2]

PORT: firewire port (host controller) to use NODE_ID: node id of the target device (use e.g. gscanbus to find it) CMD: command number FB_ID: function block id VAL1, VAL2: command arguments


0 -- test command
1 -- get selector FB value
2 -- set selector FB value
3 -- get volume feature FB value
4 -- set volume feature FB value

Function block id

Two types of function blocks are supported:

  • selector function block: signal path routing
  • feature function block: signal modification

There are some others, but those are not yet supported.


dependent on the function block type and the command


Check the OscGenericMixer description for more details on the FB's and values